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Who we are

Roseberry Community Consortium is a local charity based in the Tees Valley region. The charity has been set up to help and guide disadvantaged young people in the Tees Valley region. Created in 2009 by founders and musicians Paul Scott and Adam Sayer. The charity offers music tuition, dancing, singing, learning heritage, education, learning life skills and horticultural skills. The charity name derived from the iconic structure Roseberry Toppling, a great place for walking.

The charity comprises a team of six dedicated and passionate trustees, all with very different backgrounds. These include a music teacher, an IT consultant, an experienced foster carer, a fundraising and marketing person and a retired police officer, each offering different skills and expertise to the charity. The charity registered on the charity commission website in 2011.

Our vision

To make a positive difference to the lives of young people in the Tees Valley region by building a better future, so that they can achieve their full potential and show strong confidence and self- belief in themselves

Our mission

The charity's mission is to help disadvantaged young people of Tees Valley to develop and learn through the use of innovative projects designed to engage creativity and social cohesion within the community.


The charity helps disadvantaged young people to advance in life in the Tees Valley region through the key objectives.

  • The provision of recreational and leisure time activities provided in the interest of social welfare: designed to improve their condition of life.
  • To provide support and activities which develop their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.

How do we help?

  • Setting up a youth council for encouraging the empowerment of young people to become involved in projects such as designing their own activities and suggest fundraising ideas for the charity
  • Offering support groups to discuss issues affecting young people
  • Learning new skills and gaining qualifications by offering free of charge courses and open to qualifications
  • By developing active citizenship skills through engaging in community projects
  • Organising fundraising events to showcase the talents of young people and children for example concerts and exhibitions
  • To continually build a network of partners for delivering charity projects in the the interest of young people, including local charities, corporate partners, trusts, foundations and schools

Why did we set up?

As passionate Teessiders, we have the knowledge and understanding of the key issues affecting young people based on personal experiences. There are negative perceptions and attitudes towards our local towns such as Middlesbrough and Stockton on Tees as problems of economic and social deprivation are reported amongst young people in the region. The charity seeks to change views and perceptions of young people in the Tees Valley region by promoting a positive image.

There are high levels of poverty in the region. We have found out disadvantaged young people have become disconnected from education, and the wider community, or who feel isolated through cultural and social barriers.

Core Groups

Economically challenging situations- Many children cannot afford music lessons as the parents are economically challenged and they are losing out on opportunities to achieve their potential. These marginalised groups need to be reached as they find it hard to access music and performance art lessons. We offer free of charge of music course through Starmakarz held every Saturday at the community church to increase opportunities for the groups. We also offer projects in learning about local heritage and be joining sporting activities.

Young people in care and their carers-- Our research shows there are a high number of children and young people living in care. We will provide a Plot to Plate project to enable the group develop life skills, to succeed in future life such as cooking, budgeting and learning to cope for living on their own in accommodations after leaving care. Other groups will be reached as well.

Low academic achievements- There is a pattern of low academic achievements and low literacy rates amongst young people. We provide a course to enable develop literacy skills and be creative in their writing known as Read to Write Review.

Learning difficulties- Some young people are affected by learning difficulties such as dyspraxia and dyslexia. A dyspraxia support group will provide support and assistant to young people aged between 13 to 25 years affected by the condition in the region. We will also involve young people affected by physical difficulties in the projects.

Roseberry Community Consortium aims to provide a fairer chance in life for young people irrespective of their circumstances.

We would like to introduce the key trustees of the charity.

Paul Scott, Managing Chairman

Adam Sayers, Secretary

Pritthijit Datta, Marketing

Jason Green, IT consultant

Mark Brown, Retired Police Officer

Mr Michael Rheinprecht, Treasurer


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